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FreeBSD 7관련 원서 2권이 나왔다. 그 중에 'Building a Server with FreeBSD 7: A Modular Approach'은
프비유저의 필독서인 'Absolute BSD'와 같은 출판사에서 나왔다. 지금나온 2권의 책은 FreeBSD 7 위주의 책이기 보다는 보편적인 FreeBSD에 약간의 7.0의 내용이 포함되어 있지 않을까...

1. Building a Server with FreeBSD 7: A Modular Approach

FreeBSD7 book

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* Running common FreeBSD admin commands and tasks.
* Managing the FreeBSD ports collection.
* Installing third-party apps like Apache, Courier-IMAP, SpamAssassin, CUPS, Cyrus SASL, MediaWiki, and WordPress.
* Setting up MySQL, NTP, ISC DHCP, ISC BIND DNS, PHP, OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, and OpenVPN.
* Appendixes explain user management, backup/restore, and network protocols. Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 will have readers running their own server loaded with useful modules in no time, with a minimum of hassle.

2. Network Administration with FreeBSD 7

FreeBSD7 book

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* Set up and manage networking on FreeBSD
* Virtualization with FreeBSD Jails, IPFW and PF
* Configure interfaces, protocols, and routing
* ... 등 ...

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